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Nothing scheduled. A blank slate. Shall I clean the kitchen cabinets, wash and line the shelves, as I’ve been meaning to do? Drag down more boxes from the attic, unpack them and sort their contents? I have quarts of frozen … Continue reading

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I walked in a rainstorm on Sunday, enjoying the quiet. A block from home, I found three little kids, lying in the gutter, rainwater washing over them, covering their bellies and reaching their chins. One of them popped up. “It’s not raining!” … Continue reading

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When I was 21 years old, I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back, skipping much of the way down, despite the whole cabbage I carried in my backpack, enjoying the lightened load during the next day’s ascent.  I’d spend … Continue reading

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I’m fortunate to live one short block from a small grocery, so I can easily walk there. Getting myself and my purchases home is less easy. My free-standing garage is in the back corner of my yard, so even if … Continue reading

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I visited my daughter last weekend. I hadn’t laid eyes on her in more than two years. I entered the small bookstore where she works, unnoticed. Once she’d helped another customer, I approached. She smiled, and asked, “May I help you?” “Do … Continue reading

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