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I feel much better, now . . .

Many years ago, after briefly losing my eyesight, I was diagnosed with ocular migraine. “It’s a benign condition,” the opthalmalogist assured me. “It’s brought on by stress.” A half dozen times in my life, I’ve been jolted awake by a snapping … Continue reading

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Rolling my last marble

I focus on the sliver of fingernails that hold onto the ledge, while the sun streams down, baking my forehead, reddening my nose and making freckles bloom like tiny constellations across my cheeks. This is bliss.

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The treacherous staircase

My new (historic) home has two stairways. The front stairs are dramatic. The back stairs, which descend from the maid’s quarters into the kitchen, could easily be replaced with a zip-line or a fireman’s pole. I love this house for … Continue reading

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Creature Comforts

I bought a house, today. The first thing I did, after transferring all the utilities into my own name was turn up the heat and make dinner for myself. I haven’t owned a home in almost 10 years. Now I … Continue reading

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Why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions

This year’s goal is to buy new toilet seats.

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