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I felt the cool breeze through the open window, looked out and saw the tops of trees and heard a far-off train whistle. In that few seconds, I realized, this is enough.  I haven’t played golf or ridden a horse in … Continue reading

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Minority rules

When my grandmother was no longer able to drive because of her failing eyesight, I moved in with her. I was a young adult, with a college degree and no husband. She was in her nineties by then and living … Continue reading

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I’m posting this in response to today’s daily prompt: Uncanned laughter I’m teaching social studies class at the local middle school.  At the end of the day, we read and discuss an article from National Geographic for Kids. Today’s article is … Continue reading

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Humbling and inspiring

It’s humbling and inspiring when friends appear when they’re needed most. When my daughter and I moved into a new home, almost 20 years ago, after my marriage ended, friends stopped by to check it out. They looked through the … Continue reading

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For Debbie

Women have always had strong role models, but, in my mind, what’s far more important is that women have character, integrity and a bit more sense than God gave a goose. Ask any rational person, male or female. Many women … Continue reading

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