I’m posting this in response to today’s daily prompt: Uncanned laughter

I’m teaching social studies class at the local middle school.  At the end of the day, we read and discuss an article from National Geographic for Kids. Today’s article is about the first group to traverse the length of the Great Wall of China.

One of the members of the group who made the trek was a Tibetan monk.

A kid raises a hand.”What’s a monk?”

I begin, “There are some religions that have sects . . . “

The room erupts in laughter.

“Sects. S-E-C-T-S. Monks live in monasteries. They’re like convents, where the nuns live.”

General bedlam ensues. These are, after all thirteen year-old kids!

                                                                     * * * *

Post-script.  Why didn’t I just say, “A Holy Man?”

About Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, was a trial attorney for 25 years and has served on the faculty of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy on numerous occasions. She was an Adjunct Professor of Law at Cleveland State University for several years and served as an Interim Associate Professor of Law in the clinical program at Case Law School. In 2009, she returned to the small southwestern Michigan community where she was raised, and wrote a novel.
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1 Response to Homonyms

  1. Ron. says:

    Middle School. Ya can’t say nuthin.

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